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Сборник. Planet mp3: Rock Collection

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Больше Меньше

В треклист сборника Planet mp3: Rock Collection вошли культовые произведения известных рок-музыкантов, таких как Dire Straits, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi и других.

Сборник. Planet mp3: Rock Collection.Треклист
1. She’s Not There

2. Sultans Of Swing

3. California Dreamin

4. Another Brick In The Wall

5. Brothers In Arms

6. A Hard Day’s Night

7. Atlantis

8. Boom Boom

9. Romeo & Juliet

10. Cover Me

11. Let It Be

12. Runaway Train

13. Oye Coma Va

14. Walk Of Life

15. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

16. Wonderwall

17. Everybody’s Everything

18. Annie’s Song

19. Your Latest Trick

20. Evil Ways

21. Ticket To Heaven

22. Twisting By The Pool

23. Tears In Heaven

24. Tunnel Of Love

25. Strange Currencies

26. All Out Of Love

27. Because The Night

28. Down To The Waterline

29. Solid Rock

30. Well Alright

31. Changes

32. Hungry Heart

33. Wonderful Tonight

34. Carnaval

35. With A Little Help From My Friends

36. So Far Away

37. Havana Moon

38. Get Over It

39. Calling Elvis

40. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

41. Please Forgive Me

42. Always

43. Big Yellow Taxi

44. Black Magic Woman

45. It’s Probably Me

46. My Friends

47. Bitch Is Back

48. Hold On

49. This Ain’t A Love Song

50. The Long & Winding Road

51. Heavy Fuel

52. Lie To Me

53. Why Worry

54. Say It Again

55. Black Betty

56. Private Investigations

57. I’d Lie For You

58. On Every Street

59. Can’t Stop Loving You

60. Baker Street

61. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

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